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Why is Slow Cow blue?

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It’s rather difficult to give a truly scientific reason as to why Slow Cow is blue. However, if we remain lighthearted, we’d say there is still a meaning behind our choosing of the pretty emerald blue. First, let’s test it. What do you instinctively think of when you are told about the color blue?


In any case, this was the image we had of blue. Blue makes you dream, we often associate it with the sky, the sea, travel, etc. As mentioned in our F.A.Q. section, some studies show that blue benefits the body and the mind. It slows down the human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is closely associated with tranquility and calm. Isn’t it true? Emerald blue is soothing. Not too dark, and just light enough to make you want to relax. It is even said that blue is among the favorite colors of Westerners…

Then, if we expand a little more on the not-very-scientific side of our article, it would appear that blue is often associated with inner calm and serenity. Therefore, we thought that blue would be the perfect color for our soothing drink. Besides, if we talk about a blue drink, don’t you find that a refreshing drink immediately comes to mind? Of a clear and pure emerald blue, our Slow Cow drink with a dragon fruit taste will certainly make your mouth water. Contact us or visit for more information on Slow Cow!